Help! What to do if it is not feasible for you to learn LaTeX or to hire someone

  • First – please don’t worry, we very much want you to submit your papers to the ACAL proceedings and will work with you to facilitate this.
  • If nobody is available to do the conversion for you, we will request that you submit the final version of your paper in a hybrid format to facilitate conversion. (This requires no LaTeX knowledge of you.) This will involve three main tasks:
  • Please follow the links above for specific instructions for this mode of submission.
  • This mode of submission also uses an Overleaf template, but which is designed to be viewed in Overleaf’s “Rich Text” mode, which is more accessible to people without LaTeX expertise.
  • The preceding strategy does require stable internet access. If accessing the internet is unreasonably expensive for you, simply respond to the volume editors and explain, and we will work out a solution with you for converting your paper to LaTeX.