2014 meeting minutes

April 18, 2014

There were approximately 60 people at the ACAL business meeting, more than average.

Appeals were made for an institution to host ACAL next year and in subsequent years. Florida is a possibility, and we will hear later. Berkeley is the probable site for 2016.

The question of conference proceedings publication was raised. Cascadilla Press, our publisher for several years, has this year announced a charge of $200/paper. Georgetown would like to publish 25-30 papers, but has enough money to publish 20 or less. Several options were discussed, including switching immediately to another publisher. Conclusion: Georgetown (Ruth Kramer) will first contact Cascadilla to see if a more economic deal can be settled on. If not, we will pursue other publishers.

Bylaws – Sharon Rose was thanked for working on these, as well as the other legal paperwork involved in creating an ACAL organization. Mike Cahill read through the revised Bylaws and we accepted several more minor corrections. The amended Bylaws were voted on and passed unanimously.

Election of the first officers to the ACAL organization was held, with results as follows:
o   President – Lee Bickmore
o   Vice President – Akinbiyi Akinlabi
o   Executive committee member serving for one year – Tucker Childs
o   Executive Committee member serving for two years – Mary Paster
o   Executive Committee member serving for three years – Laura Downing
o   Treasurer – Sharon Rose
o   Secretary – Mike Cahill